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Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2 v1.0.1b-貝司合成器插件
SubBoomBass 2 是 SubBoomBass 的一个大更新,包含新的频谱波形和可立即使用的高品质创作采样。

2.0 新版本的图形用户界面经过了改进和升级,并扩展了音色,带有:





•X/Y 屏幕

•用于跑 4 音序的新的 Pattern 模式


•新的来自 Rob 和其他音色设计师的预设

SubBoomBass 2 is the successor of the legendary SubBoomBass! Its GUI (graphical user interface) has received a makeover for more comfortable control of all features. SubBoomBass 2 still has its analogue modelled waveforms on board, but the sound colour has been expanded with new spectrum waveforms, new creative 'think out of the box' high quality samples and introducing Karplus-Strong string synthesis! You will understand that these new features generate fresh and unheard-of sounds! But there is more… An X/Y screen, a new pattern mode for running 4 sequences, and just like in Predator 2 it has the easy to use Bank Manager with star feature, so that you can quickly find and go to your favourite sounds straight away.