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Worksheet Crafter Premium Edition 2019.1.7 Build 55 數學工作表創建工具
Worksheet Crafter將使您能夠為您的K-6學生創建數學,語言和一般科學工作表。 Workheet Crafter是與教師合作開發和測試的,即使是經驗不足的用戶也可以很容易地使用。除了輸入自由文本,您還可以創建圖片,數字線,數字鏈,數字房屋,圓形鑽,數字金字塔,魔術方格,數學網格,箭頭操作和許多其他輪廓 - 只需按一下按鈕即可。 您可以存儲用戶定義的工作表,並與Marketplace中的同事共享。 您還可以在其他應用程序(如Microsoft Word)中使用您的項目。

Languages: Multilingual | Incl. Premium Content | 

Create Your Own Worksheets. Quickly and Easily. Make the perfect teaching templates, worksheets and class tests for your primary & special students in just a few clicks. Craft your own worksheets in a few clicks. It’s fun to use, tested by 1000+ teachers, and as familiar as Microsoft Word.

Easy & Fun to Use
Craft your own worksheets in a few clicks. It’s fun to use, tested by 1000+ teachers, and as familiar as Microsoft Word.

Numerous Templates
Choose from professional exercises templates designed by teachers, or modify the designs with your own text.

Smart Exercise Generator
Automatically generate and tweak your templates in a few clicks, or manually create exercises whenever you want.

2300+ Clip Art Images
Freely design your worksheets using built-in clip art, speech bubbles and more. Comes with 2000+ FREE clip art designs out of the box. Find out more.

Differentiate Your Designs
Every class is different. Individualize your worksheets on the fly to meet your classroom’s individual needs.

Export to MS Word
If you use Microsoft Word, you can export full or partial worksheets into MS Word with one click.

Exchange with Other Teachers
Share your worksheets with colleagues and teachers online, and access thousands of other teacher-created templates. Join the marketplace today.

Crafted by Teachers for Teachers
Handcrafted in close cooperation with thousands of teachers who use it daily in today’s classrooms.

Use Self-Control Items
Give your students the possibility to control their results on their own. For you this just requires a few clicks.

Optionally like hand-drawn
Do you prefer your worksheets in a more creative style? With a single click you can print your worksheets as if they where hand-drawn.
Release Notes:

- Better Support for High Resolution Displays
- New Symbols
- Fill Background for Speech Bubble
- Various Improvements to Text Tables
- More Accurate Print Preview
- Improved Usability of Equation Editor
- Any many improvements more…
System Requirements:
- Pentium 500 MHz, or higher
- Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
- Min. 512MB RAM
- Min. 60 MB free HDD space for Basic Edition and 500 MB for Premium and Unlimited Editions
- Product languages: English, German, Portuguese