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ZWCAD Architecture 2020 x64 一款專業的CAD軟件
ZWCAD Architecture 2020是一款專業的CAD軟件,適用於希望立即提高工作效率的建築師。它包括專為建築圖紙設計的內容庫和工具,可增強工作流程,自動執行繁瑣的繪圖任務,減少錯誤並提高效率。ZWCAD Architecture 2020採用自定義對象技術,以建築構件作為基本設計單元,具有人性化、智能化、參數化、可視化特徵,集二維工程圖、三維表現和建築信息於一體,為建築師輕鬆完成全程設計任務提供完整的解決方案,已廣泛應用於建築設計及相關專業。ZWCAD Architecture是一款專業的CAD軟件,適用於希望立即提高工作效率的建築師。它包括專為建築圖紙設計的內容庫和工具,可增強工作流程,自動完成繁瑣的繪圖任務,減少錯誤並提高效率。

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ZWCAD Architecture is a professional CAD software for architects who want immediate productivity. It includes content libraries and tools designed specifically for architectural drawings, which enhance the workflow, automate tedious drafting task, reduce errors and increase efficiency.

Customized Layer Management, Automatic Layer Landing:
The intelligent layer management system automatically places items on the correct layer, applies color, and linetype as you create your drawing.

Draw in 2D, Create in 3D:
Draw your plans in 2D, switch views, and all of your components can be viewed in 3D. Rest assured that your 3D model remains consistent with your 2D plan and vice versa.

Elevation and Section:
From the completed 2D plan, elevation and section can be automatically generated with a few clicks. Compose floors, walls, doors, stairs, and roofs from the 2D plan.

Built-in Block Library:
Hundreds of components such as furniture, kitchenware, appliances, vehicles and plants are provided to let you detail your plans with ease.

Re-edit beams, slabs, columns:
Beams, slabs, and columns can be created with specified tools. These parametric objects can be edited by double-clicking or from the properties palette.

Directly create walls, doors and windows:
Generate walls from single lines and grids. If you remove a door or window, the wall will mend itself automatically.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 CPU or higher (recommended)
Disk Space:4 GB free space in OS disk, 2 GB free space in installation
Memory:2GB or more (recommended)
GPU: 1GB or more (recommended)
Resolution:1024 x 768VGA display with True Color (minimum) 1440x900 with NVidia 8 series or Radeon HD series or higher