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Laplink PCmover Enterprise 10.01.651 電腦文件搬家軟件
Laplink PCmover Enterprise(電腦文件搬家軟件)是一款功能強大好用的PC數據傳輸工具。怎麼將一個電腦上的文件轉移到另一台電腦,Laplink PCmover Enterprise輕鬆幫助用戶進行電腦文件數據轉移。它由熟悉的Laplink官方設計開發。 它也是市場上唯一能夠自動將您的應用程序,文件,配置文件,設置等傳輸到新的操作計算機的產品。 當您不留下任何東西時,您可以完成轉移,即使舊版本的計算機與新版本不同,您也可以進行操作,並且不會進行任何更改。

Laplink PCmover Enterprise is the first and only tool which allows IT personnel to easily and automatically migrate installed software, user profiles, settings and data to a new PC without any hardware or operating system limitations with complete control. With PCmover Enterprise, the task of setting up new PCs is cheaper, easier, faster and more compliance-orientated than ever before. 

PCmover Enterprise includes additional features designed specifically for organizations that require migrations to be in compliance with specific IT policies. The Policy Manager module gives users the ability to configure migrations as needed, and can generate and enforce automated role or department-specific migration requirement policies. Also, PCmover Enterprise can run from a network drive or removable storage device, eliminating the need to install it on any of the PCs involved in the migration.

PCmover Enterprise makes it possible for end users to return to being productive immediately after receiving their new PCs, while allowing IT teams to align resources to support other projects for maximum organizational efficiency. Utilize PCmover Enterprise to transfer a user to a new PC or Virtual Machine, transfer directly from a hard drive or VHD, or automate a Windows “In-Place” upgrade. For standard hardware refreshes, PCmover can operate across a corporate network, cross-over Ethernet cable, Laplink USB cable, or a portable storage device offering a flexible, time-saving and simple solution for automating the end-to-end process.

The Migration Challenge
Anytime a user's PC is replaced or upgraded, a business immediately feels the impact. Employees are prevented from working on assignments, and help-desks become overburdened with requests for assistance in locating everything from missing data, to non-standard software, reporting add-ons, macros and other PC elements they require to perform their jobs. These residual effects may last for weeks.

A Better Solution
With PCmover Enterprise, your IT department no longer needs to waste hours manually moving software, user accounts, files and settings to the new PC. IT administrators can set pre-defined rules for user migrations and allow them to run automatically from a corporate server, according to the organization's unique specifications in the end, employees receive a new up-to-date familiar PC and can get right back to work. Current high-priced corporate PC deployment solutions can only deploy PCs witha limited, generic image and do not transfer many critical and specific elements needed such as applications and other productivity tools. PCmover solves this problem.

The Bottom Line
By automating the migration process and providing IT administrators with the ability to quickly configure migration rules to meet data migration policy requirements, PCmover Enterprise saves time and resources, ensures IT policy compliance, and allows employees to get back to work quickly.

PCmover Enterprise Details
- Much more than just data and settings. Migrate applications, files / folders, users, settings, email, ect, automatically.
- “Zero Touch” Migration. Create a “low touch” or “zero touch” process to eliminate / reduce technician workload.
- Image and Drive Assistant. Rescue functioning hard drives from failed equipment, regardless of the OS or hardware.
- In-Place OS Upgrade. Upgrade PCs to the latest Windows OS (no external storage needed).
- Notification Alerts. When PCmover is finished it can send an email or text message so you're free to manage other tasks simultaneously.
- Portable PCmover Client. Install and run the PCmover client directly from a network location, thumb drive, or folder share.
- Supports Migration to Virtual PCs. PCmover supports migrations to virtual PCs in the same way as physical migrations.
- Supports Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. No matter the architecture or to what version of Windows you're migrating, PCmover Enterprise has you covered.

Policy Manager Features
- Enforceable Migration Policies. Using the built-in wizard, IT staff is able to create migration policies and ensure their compliance.
- Duplicate Policies. Edit and “clone” migration policies for role or department-specific migration requirements.
- Customization. Suppress wizard screens and automate migration selections.
- Application Profiles. Set up profiles for commonly used programs for an improved migration experience.
- Robust Reporting. Tools to keep you on top of all aspects of your migration project.

Common PCmover Migration Scenarios
1: Migrate to a New Machine
• Direct Peer-to-peer transfer over cable or corporate network.
• File-based transfer using storage device
2: Physical to Virtual
• Temporary place for non-compatible applications
• Windows OS Virtual Desktop Migration
3: Upgrade an Existing OS
• Custom Windows OS install
• Reformatted Windows OS install
3: Recover from HD or VHD
• Physical drive restoration
• Image file restoration (must be mounted as VHD)

OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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