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Altair PollEx 6.0 PCB設計軟件
Altair PollEx 6.0是市場上針對電氣,電子和製造工程師最全面,集成度最高的PCB設計查看,分析和驗證工具。PollEx是一個開放的解決方案,可以在不同的ECAD和仿真環境之間完美地傳輸數據。傳統上,PCB設計工具是為PCB設計工程師保留的,而其他領域的工程師,例如硬件設計,製造,測試和機械,也需要訪問,查看和分析PCB及其集成電路(IC)封裝的設計和製造數據。本站提供了Altair PollEx 6.0安裝包及激活工具的下載地址,歡迎需要此工具的朋友前來下載使用。

Altair PollEx 6.0功能特性

它的許多功能包括查詢,度量,查找對象以及各種報告。 PollEx在開放環境中運行,可以在不同的ECAD和模擬環境之間完美地傳輸數據。

PCB建模器:PollEx PCB Modeler通過直觀,靈活的界面快速讀取整個PCB設計數據,以探索設計細節。用戶可以進行查詢,測量,查找對象,查看拓撲,分析網絡,比較PCB設計,並獲得對所有標準ECAD封裝和PCB佈局格式的導入和導出支持。

統一零件編輯器:PollEx PCB統一零件編輯器(UPE)是統一的電子零件數據管理軟件,允許用戶創建和編輯零件數據(來自製造商,包括物理,邏輯,熱,電氣,製造和測試);使用自動和手動生成嚮導生成零件數據(包括用於機械設計的3D封裝幾何);管理安裝數據以進行安裝分析和控制(來自特定設備);並且它支持許多EDA供應商格式和工具。

PCB求解器:由於直觀且易於使用的求解器已完全集成到PollEx PCB Modeler和統一零件編輯器(UPE)中,PollEx PCB解算器可研究信號完整性(SI)和散熱PCB問題。其中包括具有SPICE和IBIS模型支持的高效域SI求解器,可用於波傳播延遲,反射,串擾,眼圖,散射,導納和阻抗矩陣計算。

PollEx Modeler導入完整的PCB設計數據,並為用戶提供探索設計細節和驗證可製造性的便捷方法。 PollEx是一個開放的解決方案,可以在不同的ECAD和仿真環境之間完美地傳輸數據。它的許多功能包括查詢,度量,查找對象以及各種報告。它包括用於電路,熱,功率和信號完整性仿真的集成求解器,這些求解器易於使用並提供即時的多學科設計反饋。

Altair, a global technology company providing solutions in product development, high-performance computing and data analytics, announced the acquisition of Polliwog Co. Ltd., a high-tech software company based near Seoul, providing EDA software to the rapidly growing electronics industry.

Altair Acquires Polliwog Co. Ltd, Growing Software Toolset for Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Polliwog expands Altair's solution portfolio for system-level engineering to the PCB design and analysis market. Its impressive customer roster includes major consumer electronics companies, such as Samsung and LG Electronics. The products include a powerful PCB modeler, simulation solvers, and design verification tools, and integrates seamlessly into customer environments that use any of the leading ECAD PCB design solutions.

The PollEx Modeler imports complete PCB design data and provides users with convenient ways to explore design details and verify manufacturability. PollEx is an open solution, which transfers data flawlessly between different ECAD and simulation environments. Its many features include query, measure, finding objects, and various reporting. It includes integrated solvers for circuit, thermal, power and signal integrity simulation that are easy to use and give instant multi-disciplinary design feedback.

The integrated design of mechanical behavior and electronics is a trademark of today's product development. Throughout the last several years Altair has expanded from its foundation of mechanical simulation software into areas of systems simulation and electromagnetics. Polliwog 's PCB solvers and verification tools extend these capabilities further.

Altair PollEx is the most comprehensive and integrated set of PCB design viewing, analysis and verification tools in the market for electrical, electronics and manufacturing engineers. PollEx is an open solution, which transfers data flawlessly between different ECAD and simulation environments. While PCB design tools are traditionally reserved for PCB design engineers, engineers from other disciplines like hardware design, manufacturing, testing and mechanical need to also access, review and analyze the design and manufacturing data of PCBs and their Integrated Circuit (IC) packages.

PollEx provides unsurpassed connectivity to all relevant ECAD systems and formats as well to third party PCB simulation software and brings Design for Excellence (DfX) through a common application and a powerful set of rule-based design checks addressing post-design process constraints in the early design stages.

Its many features include query, measure, finding objects, and various reporting. PollEx operates in an open environment, which can transfer data flawlessly between different ECAD and simulation environments.

Altair is a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high performance computing (HPC) and data analytics. Altair enables organizations across broad industry segments to compete more effectively in a connected world while creating a more sustainable future.

Product: Altair PollEx
Version: 6.0
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or above