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Remo File Eraser Pro Edition 一款簡單易用的數據永久刪除軟件
Remo File Eraser是一款簡單易用的數據永久刪除軟件,當我們在電腦上刪除文件與數據後,我們的數據並沒有真正的被清除,仍然可以通過各類數據恢復工具進行恢復,我們需要專業的擦除工具才能實現安全的數據擦除,這裡推薦用戶使用Remo File Eraser,該軟件旨在幫助用戶永久清除任何不需要的隱私數據,並有效防止恢復,其提供了擦除文件/文件夾、擦除回收站、擦除驅動可用空間、擦除硬盤/分區四大功能,您可以快速擦除文件或磁盤分區,非常的方便.

Formatting a hard drive, deleting a partition or simple deletion of data is not the safest way to get rid of critical data from your storage devices. If you are planning to sell or dispose off your PC, Laptop or the external drive, it is imperative to securely shred the data beyond recovery.

Remo File Eraser is a secure and accurate free file erasing application, which shreds important and confidential files / folders, by erasing them beyond recovery. Additionally, the software completely wipes deleted data using various shredding patterns leaving no traces of critical data. Superior drive wiping feature facilitates you to shred entire hard drive permanently.

- Erase confidential files and folders beyond recovery
- Erase free disk space
- Erase recycle bin files permanently
- Option to wipe entire partition or drive data
- Advanced shredding patterns for complete data security

Software Highlights:
- Shreds files and folders by erasing them permanently from hard drives, memory cards, USB drives etc.
- Shred previously deleted files from your drive using “wipe free disk space” option
- Option to permanently erase deleted recycle bin files and folders
- Customized in-built scheduler to erase data as per the scheduled time or event
- Faster drive shredding speed helps in saving valuable time, system resources
- Shred individual / selected files or folders from a logical drive / partition
- Context menu integrated option helps in shredding files / folders anywhere from the Windows
- Shredding zone helps to shred batch of files / folders using drag & drop functionality

Remo File Eraser Pro Version:
Remo File Eraser is also available in a Pro Version, providing you with more advanced shredding patterns:

- The pro version of Remo File Eraser provides more advanced erasing patterns for ensuring complete data security
- It facilitates medium and high security shredding patterns to choose from, making it impossible to be retrieved by any recovery tool
- Medium level offers following shredding patterns:
- N.A.V.S.O - RLL (US Navy Standard)
- N.A.T.O (North Atlantic Treaty Organization Standard)
- V.S.I.T.R (German Standard)
- High level offers following shredding patterns:
- DOD 5200.28.M (US Dept. of Defence Standard)
- Peter Guttman Method
- Peter Guttman + DOD 5200.22.M
- Shredding options provided by the software is been approved by various government and law enforcement agencies

Who can use Remo File Eraser?
SOHO users – Use Remo File Eraser to shred files from your hard drives, external drives or even the memory card used in mobile phones, digital camera or a camcorder to remove any data that you want to avoid sharing or do not want anyone to retrieve when you sell or dispose these electronic gadgets.

SME / Corporate users – Use Remo File Eraser to shred data from used laptops / computers before assigning them to new employees. Shred data from laptops / computers that are getting upgraded or disposed.

Supported Data Shredding Patterns:
- Fast Zero Overwrite
- Random Overwrite
- DOD Standard 5220.22.M
- NATO standard
- VSITR standard
- DOD Standard 5220.28.M STD
- Peter Gutmann Method
- DoD 5220.22-M + Peter Gutmann Method

System Requirements:
- Operating System - Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.0, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012
- RAM – 512 MB
- Free disk space - 50 MB (for installation)
- You must log in to your Windows PC as Local System Administrator to install and use this software
- Supports 32-bit, 64-bit PC
Release Notes

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