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Gemvision Matrix 9.0 Build 7343 x64
Gemvision Matrix 9.0 是一款用於設計珠寶的多功能功能軟件。今天,電腦已經滲透到生活和各個行業的各個方面。在珠寶和寶石行業,計算機技術也為用戶派上用場,並促成了許多工作流程。珠寶行業的主要領域之一是產品設計。在這個美女設計行業,第一封信是放在。另一方面,珠寶和寶石的設計是昂貴的,容易出錯。在計算機上首先設計一個心理思想是不是更好,享受物理設計之後呢?你的答案肯定是正面的。Gemvision Matrix是為此目的發布的軟件。

該應用程序允許您在美麗而保持良好的環境中設計珠寶。從不同角度評估它們。獲得徹底的三維和渲染觸摸輸出。所有這一切都將改善您的業務流程,您可以提高業務,而無需任何盈餘。除了設計有趣的計算外,它還為您提供準確的報告。例如,您可以計算寶石和二手金屬的重量。計算不同部件的尺寸和體積。渲染應用程序使用功能強大的V-Ray引擎,已在Google SketchUp和其他三維軟件工具中廣泛使用。程序中包含各種項目的庫,用於加速設計過程。

Gemvision Matrix 9.x
Gemvision, which is part of Stuller’s group of companies, has released a new version of its Matrix 9.0 and Clayoo 2.5 software.

Some of the new features of Matrix 9.0 are as follows.

- Smart Pattern. This addition to the series of Smart Tools uses simple flat patterns to create complex 3-D designs.
- Clayoo 2.5. This proprietary organic modeling suite allows users to design using SubD, Emboss, and the intuitive Sculpt method similar to carving and shaping clay. For a limited time, Matrix 9.0 upgrades will include a full version of Clayoo 2.5.
- Updated Texture Builder. These new tools allow you to use a grayscale image to control and apply creative surfaces and finishes to your designs in 3-D.
- Stuller Manufacturing Integration. Users now can submit a CAD model to Stuller right from the software for CAM, casting and more.

About Gemvision Matrix. First introduced in 2001, Matrix is a 3-D CAD software designed to help with the creation of original jewelry designs.

About Gemvision. With facilities in the United States and a global network of Authorized Dealers, Gemvision brings jewelers and technology together with innovative CAD/CAM products. Since its founding over 20 years ago by a retail jeweler, Gemvision has always been a company of jewelers helping other jewelers use technology to express their creativity and enhance their bottom line.

Product: Gemvision Matrix
Version: 9.x
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer