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ORPALIS PaperScan Professional Edition 3.0.74 Multilingual
PaperScan掃瞄儀軟件專業版是一款功能強大的TWAIN和WIA掃瞄應用程序,其OCR引擎以一種創意為中心:為任何人提供無與倫比的文檔採集功能。它只是普遍的,而大多數掃瞄應用程序專用於一個掃瞄儀或一個協議。使用PaperScan,您只需點擊一下鼠標即可控制任何掃瞄儀(TWAIN或WIA),包括網絡掃瞄儀,照相機或採集卡:所有功能都將自動處理並由PaperScan協商。您可以在Paper-Scan中導入任何圖像/ PDF文件,將它們排列在任何可以想像的單頁/多頁面配置中,執行各種圖像調整/增強,用粘滯便箋,橡皮圖章,螢光筆或箭頭標註文檔並以各種文件格式(包括JPEG,TIFF,PDF和JBIG2)保存您的作品。



ORPALIS PaperScan Professional Edition 3.x Multilingual |

PaperScan is a powerful TWAIN & WIA scanning software with an OCR engine centered on one idea : making document acquisition an unparalleled easy task for anyone. PaperScan is simply universal while most of the scanning applications are dedicated to one scanner or one protocol. With PaperScan you can control any scanner (TWAIN or WIA) including network scanners, cameras or acquisition cards via one simple click : all capabilities are automatically handled and negotiated by PaperScan. Import any image/PDF files in PaperScan, arrange them in any imaginable single-page/multi-page configuration, perform a wide range of image adjustments/enhacements, annotate your documents with sticky notes, rubber stamps, highlighter or arrows and save your work in various file formats including JPEG, TIFF, PDF and JBIG2.

Here are some key features of "PaperScan Professional":
· autodeskew
· remove punch holes
· remove borders
· blank pages detection and removal
· angle rotation
· convert to black and white or greyscale or colour
· adjust colour (brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma)
· apply filters to smooth, stretch contrast or median the image
· apply bitonal filters to remove isolated dots or to dilate/erode characters
· apply contour, sepia or scanline effects
· image printing
· image quality selection
· area selection / crop selected area
· image resize
· information about image's resolution, size and colour mode

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