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Capella scan & play 8.0 Build 25-樂譜轉換軟件
要把音符轉換為音樂那就來使用Capella Scan正式版吧,這是一個很給力的樂譜轉換軟件,能夠直接識別線條、記號、譜號等,將一份伴奏文件轉換成樂譜只需要很短的時間,Capella Scan正式版支持樂譜編輯、打印和提取等功能.
Scan your sheet music - capella scan & play will transform it into a ringing score.

It's as simple as this
capella scan & play scans your sheet music and plays it back. This way you can easily learn your part for choir rehearsal. Or you can rummage through note archives on the Internet and have capella scan & play find out if a certain score is suited to be played by your ensenble.

capella scan & play is the perfect solution: You don't have to search for the right tones on your instrument any more, and you don't need a répétiteur.

Get to know new pieces of music
Many singers, even trained ones, are not able to sing at sight. Most musicians cannot imagine what a piece of music will sound like by looking at the score - they will have to hear it.

Here is how it works
capella scan & play is very easy to handle:
You can use all scanners with Twain interface.
You can directly read in PDF or graphic files.
All recognized notes will be displayed in green.
You can directly correct recognition errors.
Your sound card plays back the result with the sounds you chose.
What can capella scan & play do?

capella scan & play scans sheet music or reads in PDF or graphic files. In contrast to the professional version capella-scan you cannot export and edit the recognized notes, you can only listen to them.

The recognition result and your postprocessing can be saved within capella scan & play so that it will be at your disposal later on.