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Rocket 3F 1.6.1 Pro-三維多邊形建模軟件
Rocket3F v1.6.1 Pro是基於Windows的多邊形建模器,適用於概念藝術家和設計師。這是一種流線型的新多邊形和細分曲面建模應用程序,具有許多有趣的功能,Rocket 3F還附帶了直觀的NURBS建模器MoI,體素雕刻和視覺拓撲工具3D-Coat以及Luxion的KeyShot渲染器的橋接插件。使用Rocket 3F建模就像繪圖 - 這非常簡單和鼓舞人心!Rocket 3F最重要的功能是工作流! '3F'代表'快速,有趣和友好' - 旨在為概念藝術家和設計師提供比傳統DCC軟件更直觀的3D建模路線。

Rocket 3F is Windows based Polygonal Modeller for Concept Artists and Designers. Developers Andrei Sarmadac and Kun Shi have released Rocket 3F, a streamlined new polygonal and subdivision surface modeling application with a number of interesting features.

Modeling with Rocket 3F is like drawing - very Simple and Inspiring! The Most important feature of Rocket 3F is Workflow! It is Fast Fun and Friendly!
The software – the ‘3F’ stands for ‘fast, fun and friendly’ – is intended to give concept artists and designers a more intuitive route into 3D modelling than conventional DCC software.

From the developer of Nvil : Rocket 3F shares a code base with Nvil – formerly known as VoidWorld – Kun Shi’s existing modeling software, which also remains in active development.
Offering a highly customisable toolset and user interface, Nvil has been described by users as an extremely quick modeler, although time-consuming to set up.
Rocket 3F looks to preserve some of the unique features of Nvil, but with a workflow geared more towards artists who are new to 3D modeling.

Solid basis poly and sub-D modelling tools, plus a few interesting features
The software includes a standard basic range of tools for creating and editing polygonal and sub-D geometry, including a scene hierarchy and simple array, Boolean and instancing functionality.
More unusual features include the workflow, which is geared towards mouse or stylus-only input, and what Sarmadac describes as “absolutely unique” crease tools. There is also the option to display models in silhouette-only mode, which looks useful for concept design.

Rocket 3F also comes with bridging plugins to intuitive NURBS modeler MoI, voxel sculpting and retopology tool 3D-Coat, and Luxion’s KeyShot renderer.
Feedback from early testers – this thread on The Foundry’s forum dates back to the beta release – has been broadly positive, with criticism centering mainly around the visual style of the UI, which was described by one poster as having an “ice-cream shop look”.

No less than Windows 7, 64 or 32bit.
Rocket 3F can run on any Hardware, the faster Hardware you have the faster Rocket 3F will be!
- Must be installed SlimDX.
- Must be installed .NET Framewark 4.6